Construction Supervisor - Communications, Power, and Site Services EEM

Adani Australia

South Townsville, QLD

Posted 10/12/2017

Construction Supervisor - Communications, Power, and Site Services EEM
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Adani is a globally integrated infrastructure and energy business.  We specialize in operations that span ports, multi –modal logistics, mining, oil and gas exploration, power generation, transmission and gas distribution. Adani will be opening Australia’s Galilee Basin, generating significant employment opportunities for regional Queensland and stimulating Queensland’s resource-strong economy.
The scope of the role is to facilitate and oversee Electrical work on the mine project. This includes:

  • Oversee electrical works for the Carmichael mine project
  • Create and maintain electrical SOPs, policies, reports, and standards.
  • Undertake all statutory requirements as the nominated EEM under the Queensland Coal Safety and Health Act 1999, and Queensland Coal Safety and Health Regulations 2001.
  • Lead and/or participate in site safety meetings/discussion and system reviews
  • Conducting regular workplace inspections and audits
  • Review of electrical designs and approval prior to construction
  • Assisting teams to develop JHAs
  • Staying up to date with safety legislation
  • Ensure equipment is compliant against applicable legislation and standards. The role will focus on the following key areas;

We seek candidates who are Degree or Diploma qualified in Electrical Engineering or have an Electrical Worker's License, and possession of units UEENEEE013B, UEENEEE010B, UEENEEG069B, and RIIRAI609D.  In addition, you will have a Current S11 (RIIRIS201D) and S123 (RIIRIS301D, RIIWHS301D, RIICOM301D) training/induction.
Candidates should also have significant experience working as an EEM under the Queensland Coal Mining Safety and Health Act.  You will be experienced in establishing and maintaining Site Safety Health and Management systems, including SOPs, policies, and document registers.
Standard 11, S123, and G2 certifications (required prior to engagement)
Working with Adani provides an employee the opportunity and choice, to work in diverse businesses Mine, Rail and Port and Renewables. Every single day is a new day in a challenging and enjoyable work environment that will help you realise your true potential and personal aspirations.

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