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Adani is committed to supporting all employers in our operating community to attract workers. We intend to leverage the significant interest in our project to shine a light on the diverse range of employment opportunities available in regional Queensland.

First-time users; the information we request is confidential. The answers you provide help identify where Adani can play a constructive role in supporting regional communities and the workers who live there.

Second-time users; some of you have been selected to help us with a profile re-validation exercise, thank you for taking time out of your day to help support us build an accurate picture of how we can actively support the regions we operate in for years to come.

1. What is your current employment status?

2. If unemployed, have you been out of work for more than 4 weeks?

3. What is your preferred employment status?

4. What is your highest level of qualification?

5. What is your current job title? (If unemployed please write Unemployed)

6. What post code do you currently live in?

7. What postcode do you currently work in? (If unemployed please enter 0000)

8. What is the postcode of your preferred place to live?

9. What is the postcode of your preferred place to work?

10. Would you describe yourself as actively seeking new employment?

11. How would you describe your current employer?

12. Approximately how many workers are employed by your current employer?

13. What is the job title of your preferred job?

14. Do you think you need training to get your preferred job?

15. Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

16. Are you a member of one of the following Traditonal Owner Groups?

17. What is your gender?

18. How old are you?

19. Are you in the process of discharging from the ADF? (i.e - your discharge date is within 6 months)

20. Are you currently serving in the ADF and intend to discharge in the next 12 months?

21. Have you discharged from the ADF within the last 2 years?

22. Have you been inducted onto a Mine Site previously?

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